Neon Indian / Com Truise / Purity Ring @ Webster Hall

Great show last night at Webster Hall. Sorry for the bad quality of the photos below, they were taken with my phone with a Jack & Coke in the other hand.

All three bands played great sets. Purity Ring sounded great live. Neon Indian was just a little disappointing–there are so many little things in the album that make the songs great. They didn’t really come out in their live performance. The show was fun nonetheless!

Purity Ring. I think they used a total of five watts to light their set. Good for the environment but not for a picture.

Com Truise

Com Truise! He and his drummer rocked it.

Neon Indian

The Neon Indian intro light/smoke/giant coffin show make me feel like I was in Alien Encounter. That and some creepy guy started breathing on the back of my neck.